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Welcome to Roosevelt High School, a school with a 100 year tradition and history that is looking to transform the future. Students and families make us the school of choice in Boyle Heights because we are a school of excellence that offers unparalleled programs.

Our 9th Grade teachers offer a rigorous academic program in a supportive environment, including an innovative Ethnic Studies course. Our Linked Learning pathways prepare all students for college and the careers of the future in the areas of STEAM, Medical & Health Science, Law & Public Service, and the new Academy of Music & Digital Production. Our staff is here to make sure that you are successful, and we will do whatever it takes to keep you on your journey to college.

Roosevelt offers a second-to-none extracurricular and athletics program. We have a great variety of competitive athletic teams for boys and girls during the fall, winter and spring season. A number of our teams have won league championships and gone onto the city championships in recent years. Our extracurricular offerings provide students with the chance to join a club to be with students with common interests, to compete in areas like Mock Trial, Skills USA and HOSA, or to volunteer and provide service to the community.

We also have an active College and Career Center that connects students with many college access partners and college representatives from local universities and colleges, public and private. Roosevelt is a school with a rich history and an incredibly bright future. Our campus is currently getting modernized. We have a new gymnasium, two classroom buildings, and a new state-of-the-art performing arts center, opening for the 2023-2024 school year. Soon we will be getting a new football stadium and baseball/softball field.

Be part of the future and legacy that will take you anywhere you can dream of.

Make Roosevelt your future school of choice!

100 Years
of Tradition and Excellence.


Roosevelt High School offers a rigorous curriculum intended to build a solid 21st Century foundation for the academic and professional futures of our students. We offer effective academic counseling and support programs in addition to Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses for those students seeking a challenge. Through our A.P. and the efforts of our faculty, we have cultivated a scholastic spirit of perseverance over the years.


Advanced Placement courses for 2019-20 are offered in the following subjects



Roosevelt High School offers various inclusive educational environments that include: General Education Programming, Resource Specialist Programming, and Special Day Programming. RHS also focuses on supports for Intellectual Disabilities, and Autism Programming. RHS strives to provide an inclusive educational environment for all our students. We ensure all students participate in various activities throughout our campus such as sports, the arts and music programs and elective courses. RHS is currently offering inclusion courses that are co-taught by general education and special education teachers that start in the 9th grade.



Dedicated teachers ensure all students are cared for and successful.

City Year support in class and after school.


Students demonstrate their learning through student-led conferences and exhibitions.

Students work with 826LA to publish their writing in a book. Students work with 826LA to publish their writing in a book.


All 9th Grade students go on college visits and other enrichment field trips

East LA College Early College Program allows students to earn one year of college credit while in high school!


9th Grade Rider Course Offerings

All students in the 9th Grade take five A-G college prep courses, including a groundbreaking Ethnic Studies course designed by Roosevelt teachers.

Program of courses for 9th Grade Curriculum:

  • English 9 (Honors option)
  • Common Core Algebra 1 (Honors option)
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Physical Education
  • World Language (French, Spanish, Japanese) or
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Biology


Linked Learning is an approach to education that transforms the traditional high school experience by bringing together strong academics, and a demanding technical education and real-world experience to help students gain an advantage in high school, post-secondary education, and careers.

At Roosevelt High School, there is a path toward higher education and career opportunities for every kind of student.


Roosevelt Senior High School Law & Public Service Magnet provides course for students to develop the skill, and exposes them to the careers and provides them with a solid framework to make a successful transition to a college or university and/or obtain productive employment.

  • California State Bar recognized high school program.
  • Students receive the traditional A-G Coursework plus the opportunity to take a unique set of Career Technical Education and Community College courses.
  • Take CSU & UC transferable ELAC courses while still enrolled as high school students.


The Linked Learning STEAM Academy incorporates Project-Based & Work-based Learning for students to explore the non-traditional delivery of education that’s required in our current society.

  • Offers the variety of fundamentals Information Communication & Technologies (ICT) courses.
  • Educational partners with Santa Monica College and East Los Angeles College through our dual enrollment.
  • Educational industry partner includes Amazon Web Services and theCisco Networking Academy, EXP, Northrop Grumman, JPL, PROSUM, and more.
  • Expose students to paid and unpaid internships opportunities so students can add experience to their resume.


Roosevelt’s Academy of Music & Digital Production will provide students the opportunity to thrive in an intensive and nurturing musical environment and prepare them for advanced college and career success through an interdisciplinary and sequential music curriculum. Students in the AMDP will:

  • Take newly minted LAUSD CTE courses in the Performing Arts career pathway of the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry sector: Intro to Digital Production and Advanced Digital Production - Sound Engineering as well as AP Music Theory.
  • Have opportunities to work in state-of-the art recording and digital production studios both at our school and in the community.
  • Collaborate with teachers and industry partners, such as Young Producers’ Group, using state-of-the-art software to produce, distribute, and perform original scores, podcasts, and more.

New Classes: Beginning Voice, Jazz Band, Digital Music Production


All students in Medical and Health Sciences Pathway take courses through Project Lead The Way Biomedical Science. These classes allow students to work with the same tools as biomedical science professionals, solving real-world problems that prepare them for college.

  • This curriculum is recognized as one of the best science programs in the country and is available to all Roosevelt students.
  • Working with the same tools used by professionals in hospitals and labs, students engage in compelling, hands-on activities and work together to find solutions to problems.
  • Work based learning opportunities with partners such as Grilfols, White Memorial, and USC.

The Medical and Health Sciences Pathway has a new Dual-Language Education (DLE) program. The objective of the dual language program is to improve bilingualism and biliteracy and academic achievement through a set of courses taken in the Spanish language and related to health careers. The dual language program is open for both English speakers and English learners.


Roosevelt High School offers one of the most robust College and Career Support structures in the Los Angeles area. Roosevelt’s College and Career Center supports all students in achieving their post high school educational and career plans. The College and Career Center is open to all students and it is the hub where students get help with college applications, SAT and ACT registration, and financial aid and scholarship support. Additionally, students go to the College and Career Center when they want to have access to dual enrollment college courses, as well as local employment opportunities.

  • College readiness and college eligibility awareness GPA, A-G, SAT/ACT testing
  • College options and requirements awareness 3 university systems (CSU, UC, private) Community college
  • SAT and ACT test planning support PSAT, SAT School Day, Khan Academy, College Spring
  • College application support
  • Financial aid application support
  • Roosevelt “Legacy” Scholarship
  • College Peer Counselor mentoring program



  • GPA, A-G status, SAT/ACT scores & meeting minimum CSU eligibility index
  • College eligibility and college application submissions
  • College acceptances
  • Financial aid application submission
  • Post-HS college plans

School-Day Embedded Support

College and financial aid presentations and workshops are provided to students during the school day through collaboration with English and Social Science departments

ASCA Counseling Model

Both college and graduation presentations and workshops delivered by counselors to all students in their classrooms and individually during graduation planning conferences.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

College peer counselors (12th grade students) are thoroughly trained to help 9th-12th grade students about college eligibility factors & college options.

Report Card Conferencing

Students meet with advisors after grades are entered to review progress report and mid term report grades to discuss areas where they need support.

School-Wide Recognition

Recognition of “college-ready” students who meet goals for GPA, A-G, and SAT or PSAT test scores.


Roosevelt High School is one of 20 schools in the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools’ network, serving 13,550 students in the communities of Boyle Heights, South Los Angeles, and Watts. The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is an independent non-profit that has worked with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LA Unified) since 2007 to manage and support historically under-resourced traditional public schools. As an “in-district partner” to LA Unified, the Partnership is uniquely positioned to work within the traditional public school system to support teachers and other school staff to remove barriers to enable academic success for all students. The Partnership also advocates for educational equity and resource equity for high-need schools in Los Angeles and beyond.

The Partnership’s mission is to transform schools to revolutionize school systems, empowering all students with a high-quality education. The organization believes a high-quality public education is a fundamental right for all students, and they work with educators, school staff, parents, and partners to make this right a reality.

The Partnership model has three components – great school leaders, highly effective teaching, and engaged and empowered communities – that work together to promote transformational and scalable success. Below are a few examples of how they implement each portion of their model at Roosevelt High School.


  • Monthly conferences and bi-annual leadership team institutes that provide our school leaders with supports to improve instruction and culture.
  • Assistance creating and monitoring strategic plans and removing barriers to effective implementation.
  • One-on-one, field-based coaching to support the implementation of systems for high-quality instruction, academic support, family and community engagement, and school operations.
  • Marketing and community outreach support to increase student recruitment.


  • Leadership pathways and specialized professional development for teacher leaders to work as Team Leads, Peer Coaches, and Restorative Communities Leads.
  • Training and coaching sessions for new teachers.
  • Customized, school-based, professional development and coaching for counselors and classroom teachers.
  • Help developing models for blended learning classrooms and schools.
  • A Partnership Leadership Fellows program, in collaboration with UCLA, to train social justice leaders who can transform high-need public schools and promote educational achievement for students.
  • The Teacher Advisory Board, which is designed to elevate educator voice and decision-making to improve efforts in Partnership schools and within the system.


  • Coaching for Family Action Teams to create workshops and events aligned to school goals.
  • Parent College, a yearlong empowerment program to help parents advocate for their children Parent College has provided workshops and supports to more than 8,900 parents in the Partnership’s network and beyond.
  • Help identify and engage partners to align additional resources with schools’ needs. Student scholarships and leadership opportunities offered through the Lundquist Fellows program.
  • Teacher grants for field trips through the Experience LA! program.
  • A multi-year Arts Initiative to increase equitable access to arts education for students in the Partnership’s network.
  • The Partnership works with more than 100 valued partners to bring additional resources and enrichment to students in the Partnership’s network.


The East L.A. Classic is one of the greatest high school football games in the country. The yearly contest between the Rough Riders of Theodore Roosevelt and the Bulldogs of James A. Garfield has been played since 1926. Officially, the game has been known as the “Classic” and it has served as both school’s homecoming games from that point forward.

The game’s fame and participation developed over the course of the years to where it was difficult to hold the game at each school’s home field. The game moved to the East Los Angeles College stadium to oblige attendance that has reached amounts of 25,000 spectators in certain years. The game was last played at the Coliseum in 2022 with the Black Eyed Peas performing a halftime concert and show.

Each school creates a spirit week where day-by-day activities are held so that the entire student body can participate culminating with a “Homecoming Rally” on Friday, the day of the game. The “Classic” allows many students to showcase their talent. Students from the student council design, set up, and monitor the events of the week. Spirit teams like the Cheerleaders, Drill Team, and Flag Team, as well as Band, practice their performances months before the game.

The winner of the game keeps the trophy and has bragging rights for a year until the next game is played. Many alumni also return to the game yearly or watch the game on television with pride for their alma mater.



Our school comes to life every day with the bustle of our students and the passion of our staff. All over campus and throughout the day, there is an air of intense learning and growth as students partake in mariachi rehearsals, community activism, and athletic training. At Roosevelt High School, there is a slice of campus life for every student to build meaningful futures through their talents and interests.


We offer an award-winning music program and much more!

  • Mariachi
  • Marching Band
  • Choir
  • Latin Jazz Band
  • Symphony Band & Orchestra
  • Drama
  • Animation
  • Painting
  • Beginning Band, Orchestra, Guitar, and Piano.
  • Drawing
  • Young Producers Group
  • Dance


Rough Riders research Boyle Heights history, identity, and culture through programs such as Ethnic Studies.


Our award-winning music program offers marching and concert band, mariachi, choir, orchestra, Latin jazz, guitars, strings and more.


Rough Riders are both student and community leaders.


Rough Riders focus on service beyond self. They engage in collective action to give back to their community.


Rough Riders present their research at local universities, education conferences, and community town hall meetings.


Rough Riders use technology in every class to conduct research, share ideas, work together, give feedback and communicate.


ELAC Early College Program

The Early College Academy at Roosevelt High School is a four-year program that provides students with the opportunity to earn college credits and complete a high school diploma at the same time. Students take an East Los Angeles College course each semester and summer at Roosevelt High School and complete 9 units per year. Participating students earn 38 college credits, completing over a year of college courses. College course credits transfer to any college or university. The program is designed to support the success of students in college, career, and civic life.


Project Lead the Way

All students in the Medical and Health Sciences Pathway take courses through Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science. These classes allow students to work with the same tools as biomedical science professionals, solving real-world problems that prepare them for college. These students are on track for a high-quality career that will make the world a better place. This curriculum is recognized as one of the best science programs in the country and is now available to all Roosevelt students.


Ethnic Studies

Students in the 9th grade are enrolled in Ethnic Studies courses titled “Boyle Heights and Me,” an engaging class where students learn about the history, culture and contributions of people of color in the United States. Ethnic Studies at Roosevelt High School specifically focuses on Boyle Heights and the experiences of youth of the community. All students have the opportunity to become authors by participating in an Ethnic Studies book publication in collaboration with 826LA.




Combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology, we call FIRST Robotics Competition the ultimate Sport for the Mind. High-school student participants call it “the hardest fun you’ll ever have.” Under strict rules, limited resources, and an intense six-week time limit, teams of 20 or more students are challenged to raise funds, design a team “brand,” hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. It’s as close to real-world engineering as a student can get. Volunteer professional mentors lend their time and talents to guide each team. Each season ends with an exciting FIRST Championship.

  • Skills USA
  • Robotics
  • Digital design
  • 3D printing
  • Coding in Python
    & JavaScript
  • Cisco Networking
    & Cybersecurity
  • Microsoft Technology

Skills USA at Roosevelt High School exposes students to the exciting and ever changing world of technology; our students compete nationally while developing career technical skills for the 21st century. The student-led organization offers collaboration in relevant and tangible hands-on technical experiences that will transition into internship opportunities. Student leaders also host philanthropies for the community and set up social events with industry professionals to support their successful journey into careers and colleges. The focus is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) field, however Skills USA at Roosevelt High School is open to everyone interested in pursuing more knowledge and take their career interests to the next level!


Restorative Justice (RJ)

RJ is all About Values
Respect + Relationships + Responsibility

Justice is more than a word at Roosevelt High School; it is a set of restorative practices that embody our school’s commitment to community involvement in our pursuit of social justice and a holistic education for every student.

Our values and principles as an educational institution are our strength; Restorative Justice builds on this robust ethical foundation through the three R’s of Respect, Relationships and Responsibility.

Teacher and students actively practice both sets of complementary codes through Restorative Justice’s implementation of community circles that encourage the dissemination of these values through in-class dialogues.

Mock Trial

Students portray various roles in arguing in a simulated court case - a rigorous contest that helps develop their critical thinking and communication skills while boosting their self-confidence. In their first year, the Roosevelt team advanced to the semi-finals and we look forward to many more exciting competitions.


  • College Track
  • Fitness Club
  • HealthCorps
  • Restorative Justice
  • Outsiders
  • Insiders
  • First Robotics
  • Skills USA National Finalists!
  • Taking Action
  • United Students
  • College Peer Counseling
  • Peer Advocates
  • Mock Trial
  • HOSA - Future Health Professionals
  • Upward Bound
  • Astronomy Club
  • MEChA
  • Art Club
  • Leadership
  • Journalism
  • Yearbook
  • Northrop Innovation Challenge 3rd place winners!
  • Debate Team
  • Academic Decathlon
  • Video Game Club
  • Honor’s society
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Eastside Stories
  • Justice League
  • Teen Court
  • Community Ambassadors
  • Social Justice Club
  • Teen Court


HOSA is a new club at Roosevelt that provides opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all students interested in medical and health sciences. This program of motivation, awareness and recognition includes competitions, speaking opportunities and other team-based activities.


Promesa Boyle Heights is a collective of residents, youth, schools, and community organizations united in lifting community voices and working together to transform conditions and improve opportunities for students and families.

Promesa is a collaborative of 20+ organizations & schools, led by backbone organization Proyecto Pastoral. Through our Steering Committees & General Assemblies, community families drive our decision-making. Promesa is achieving its vision through a powerful combination of:

  • Community organizing
  • Parent leadership development
  • Community-school integration efforts
  • Restorative justice practices
  • Tutoring & academic case management
  • Drop-out prevention efforts
  • School-wide events addressing:
    wellness, post-secondary
    education & career planning



College Track is a unique college completion program focused on preparing our students to do much more than graduate from high school and go to college; through this program, students become agents of change and leaders in their communities as they pursue their dreams.

Students can earn more than $5,000 in the program just for consistently demonstrating academic dedication through good grades, regular attendance, and community service.

The program’s greatest benefit goes beyond the academic or college-readiness support it offers. Students in our program become part of a close-knit family where they learn to look out for one another. We believe in our students’ dreams and do everything we can to empower them so they can make those dreams a reality. This blend of academic and social values forms the foundation of all the services the College Track staff provides to our students.

Students in the program not only graduate from high school and college at higher rates, but they receive individualized, intensive support in navigating the college application process. At College Track, students have opportunities for fun, engaging experiences: college campus visits, sporting events, and travel both across the U.S. and internationally.

Students also get to create their own schedules based on their individual needs. The College Track staff treat students like young adults, which means empowering them to make their own decisions.

Students receive help in three key areas: (1) developing strong academic skills, (2) understanding what is required for being a competitive college applicant, and (3) discovering what their passion/dreams are and what they need to do to become a leader and achieve their dreams.

In addition to weekly college-readiness workshops, the program also hosts many admissions representatives from colleges/universities all over the country; through these opportunities, students can learn about the different higher education options available to them. As students rise to 11th/12th grade, the program offers them support with ACT test prep, writing personal statements, and learning about the financial aid process.



Not only does our school provide college and career services but it is our practice of going above and beyond for our students through partnerships with programs like City Year that ensures their academic success.

City Year is a educational non profit program that provides mentoring and tutoring services to help students in the academic middle realize their potential. The City Year program offers extended learning sessions after school for all students.



The 826LA Writers’ Room is a writing center on campus that provides a wide variety of creative and expository writing workshops, college access support, and publishing opportunities. 826LA’s goal is to reduce the student-to-teacher ratio, and to help support teacher curriculum with writing support from trained volunteers. In every Writers’ Room session, students sit alongside volunteers, receiving one-on-one attention, feedback, and encouragement. In the Fall, 826LA collaborates with the College Center to support all college-bound seniors with their college essays, this includes the UC Personal Insight Questions, EOP questions for Cal States. Partnering with the 9th grade Ethnic Studies program 826LA publishes an annual book of personal narratives that is used as a classroom text. Students not only become published authors, but they become a vital part of the course curriculum. The Literacy Coach and 826LA Writers’ Room staff collaborate to deliver consistent writing support across campus. In 2016-2017 80% of students surveyed reported that 826LA tutors helped them improve their writing and 100% of teachers surveyed reported that the quality of student writing improved after the project an that students were engaged in and challenged by 826’s programs.



  • Big Brother/Big Sister
  • Mentorship Program
  • City Year
  • Girls Today Women Tomorrow
  • Junior Achievement
  • Lausd Linked Learning
  • Shout- Salesian
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Upward Bound
  • Ucla Idea
  • Volunteers of America
  • Weingart East LA YMCA
  • Youth Sources
  • Development Program
  • 826 LA
  • Escalera Project
  • Variety Boys and Girls Club
  • Center For Powerful Public School


  • VIP Mental Health
  • Alma Family Services (GRYD) Prevention
  • Clinica Romero
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Alta Med
  • Health Corps
  • Wellness Center
  • East Los Angeles Women’s Center


  • Academy Scholars
  • College Access Informational
  • College Match
  • College Spring
  • College Summit
  • College Track
  • Csula Internship Program
  • Mount St. Mary’s Ambassador Program
  • Lead – Boyle Heights Youth Leadership Program
  • Mount St. Mary’s Ambassador Program
  • Telacu Talent Search And Upward Bound
  • Ucla Early Academic Outreach Program
  • Usc Upward Bound
  • Uc Berkeley Incentive Awards Program
  • Uc Berkeley Pre-Collegiate
  • East Los Angeles College


  • Jovenes Inc.
  • Health Corps
  • Inner City Struggle
  • Boyle Heights Chamber
  • of Commerce
  • LAPD- Hollenbeck
  • Division Cadets
  • LAFD- Station 2
  • Inner City Arts
  • Self Help Graphics
  • Casa 0101
  • Boyle Heights Wolfpack
  • Community Rights Campaign
  • El Centro de Ayuda
  • ENKI
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Legacy LA
  • Alliance for California
  • Traditional Arts
  • Proyecto Jardin
  • Proyecto Pastoral
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Latino Equality Alliance
  • Legal Aid Foundation
  • Volunteers of America HSMP
  • BHC-BH
  • East Los Angeles
  • Women’s Center
  • Neighborhood Legal Services
  • LA Voice
  • Lambda Legal




2530 East 4th St,
Los Angeles, CA 90033